As Raspberry 4 is delivering form China, I turned legacy little gadget into retro gamebox just for fun. It could not too complex, but there were some trial errors as always.



Raspberry 3b+
SENS Game controllers
16GB+ Micro SD Card
Retropie images
Game Roms


Most of setting can be left unchanged, but there might be some madatory changes required depending on environment.

setting:configuration->raspi-config->1.change user password
setting:configuration->raspi-config-> options->WiFi-setting
(need to make sure that the password for WiFi can not have a special character @)
setting:configuration->raspi-config->5.interfacing option->enable ssh

After rebooting, then install the lightdm for autologin
$sudo apt-get install lightdm
setting: configuration->raspi-config->3.boot options->4.desktop autologin

If HDMI interface is default for sound, there is no issue but when using 3.5mm analogue audio out, it requires additional configuration changes.

To get audio through the 3.5 jack: Retropie configuration > Audio > select option 2 (headphones – 3.5mm jack) > OK > restart system

Additional settings

for un-archiving Rom packages;
$apt-get install unrar-free p7zip

Downloading Roms

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