simple github first step

1. [github] Create github account

2.[github] Create repo

3.[local] register user info

$git config --global "[email protected]"
$git config --global "Your Name"

4. copy ssh publickey and paste it on github account
[github] user-setting-SSH and GPG key-New SSH Keys

5.[local] git init

$echo "# capstone" >>
$git init
$git add
$git commit -m "first commit"

6. Add origin

$git remote add origin [email protected]:JasonGrayHat/reponame.git
$git remote -v

7.Regular commands

$git add filename $git commit -m "comments" $git push origin master $git pull origin master

8.(optional for co-working) forking/fetching

$git remote add upstream [email protected]:JasonGrayHat/capstone.git
$git fetch upstream
$git merge upstream/master

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