hashcat on AWS


Few months ago, I have installed GTX 1060 ti 6GB on desktop PC for using hashcat, but I found out that I rarely used hashcat to crack hash keys. Thus I decided to use AWS for cracking hashes. Kali (2019.03) distro is already in AWS market store. I selected US-West (Oregon) region with GPU enabled instance. I am using p2.xlarge and p3.2xlarge instances on Kali ; those are generally turned off and fair enough for my purposes.

It costs 0.9 CAD/h to 31,218 CAD/h with the Pay-As-You-Go rates depending on performance. The entry option is p2.xlarge(1* Tesla V100, 4 * vCPUs, 61GB RAM), and the highend option is p3dn.24xlarge(8 * Tesla V100, 256GB GPU Mem, 96 * vCPU with 768GB Mem)


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